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Well after what I thought was a long summer the frosty mornings and in some cases all day icy conditions are here.  You just can’t beat a crisp clear cold mornings to start the day.

To some however, it’s not so fun social media chat seems to revolve around the heaters in Defenders are about as much use a Politian or chocolate fire guard.  Well my Ary (they all have names) 300tdi Defender seems to be the exception to the rule.  Casting my mind back nearly 10yrs I recall the test drive in her a factory standard 110 hard top.  Once up to temperature with a wiggle of the heater controls and the fan speed on maximum, what should happen but warm air blows from the selected vents.  What sorcery is this were my thoughts, but no mistake the heater worked.  So back to the seller and a quick look underneath shows the chassis will need changing very soon 3 to 4years (approx.) and the bulkhead was good.  With the heater working and still does after a full nut n bolt rebuild on a galvanised chassis Miracles do happen to us mortals.

On to club matters January is membership renewals and you will find the form in this and the next edition of Nooze.  The ever-popular mince pie day draws near 27th December is always a great day out with the festive nibbles this year being provided by Carol, Denise and Shirley my thanks in advance to you all.  I take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Maureen and Norman Southgate (who have decided to stand down this year) for their many years of providing the catering and supporting for the club.

Your membership team will be on hand for December’s club day to cover membership in a more analogue fashion or if you wish a BAC’S payment with your membership number as reference is easy and straight forward.

I will finish off by dropping another hint that we need a Nooze editor.  It’s not as bad as you think more a case of pulling together the monthly edition for email publication circulation.  Your committee is getting a little swamped by carrying out multiple roles within the club.  An extra pair of hands or two would be much appreciated.

One last thing is to welcome Jeremy Carr as Web secretary.  If you recall he has been assisting Pat with PR and show participation throughout 2022.  He will be working to activate over the next few months the launch of a new interactive web site making the running and promotion of SLROC a much smoother operation, with more to come, I’m sure

Wishing you all a great Christmas and all the best for 2023


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